Remlap KnowledgeBASE 2.21

No Image A free-form database organizer with Keyword Indexing. KnowledgeBASE will help store and index all your information, making sure that vital data can be recalled within seconds. From study notes to course-work, research notes, personal information and spreadsheets, all can be managed efficently, easily and securely. Just about anything can be stored within a KnowledgeBASE Document.

InfoRapid KnowledgeBase Builder 2.0: Draw and manage huge Mind Maps with millions of items
InfoRapid KnowledgeBase Builder 2.0

KnowledgeBase Builder and all the other programs used to create Mind Maps? Why should I prefer it? With the other programs, the size of the diagram is limited, they quickly get confusing if they get larger. Not so with InfoRapid KnowledgeBase Builder. It can manage millions of items. While pure Mind Map programs are often limited to hierarchical trees, InfoRapid KnowledgeBase Builder can connect any item with any other. It also contains an archive

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KM Navigator 3.1

Knowledgebase on topics of your interest. Usefull to build knowledgebase of competitors, Vendors, customers, Prospects etc. The Knowledge Window has easy to use interface that resembles that of Internet Explorer. Build clustered Favorites. Extract targeted Sales Leads Verify leads Export to Microsoft Outlook for mailing. KMsoft can take Advanced Search and enterprise Un-structured data mining for building powerfull Knowledgebase solution based on

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KnowledgeBASE Vortex 2.9

KnowledgeBASE ever made were all to IT managers. Since then, KnowledgeBASE has found a niche market with IT professionals of all description - developers, managers, support specialists, contractors - anyone who has no choice but to keep on top of an avalanche of information. The heart of KnowledgeBASE is a highly searchable and expandable information tree, viewed in outline or audited within a built-in wordprocessor. References to web sites, corporate

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KnowledgeBase Deluxe 4.21: Knowledge Base management  software for Windows.
KnowledgeBase Deluxe 4.21

KnowledgeBase software for Windows: database management system with ready to use KB database solutions. KnowledgeBase Deluxe allows you to gather, organize, and manage information about all your frequently asked questions, product specification, product troubleshooting, service and support documents. KB Organizer Deluxe is easy to use and very intuitive. Use database solution included in the software or build your own with Designer.

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ExEntryC`s Junior (knowledgebase) v3.6: Build your own knowledgebase for personal and professional use.
ExEntryC`s Junior (knowledgebase) v3.6

A knowledgebase is a place where you can store all kinds of information, your knowledge. Powerful search-, sort- and filter functions must be available, so it is very easy for you to find what you are looking for very fast. Utilities that will guide you to related information (documents, images, sounds, etc) must be available, as well as easy to use import/export functions. ExEntryC`s Junior offers you all these functions.

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Querybot Web Knowledgebase/FAQ 1.3: Adds a powerful interactive FAQ/Knowledgebase integrated with email to websites
Querybot Web Knowledgebase/FAQ 1.3

Querybot adds a powerful knowledgebase/interactive FAQ to any website almost instantly. Querybot is your 24 by 7 customer service front line. The system will instantly answer repetitive customer questions while forwarding unresolved issues to you by email. Querybot records all questions and is designed to improve over time as new issues are addressed. Querybot can cut manual email processing by up to 80% while improving quality of service.

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